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Haojue Suzuki Yuzuo
Author:  Date:2010-5-11  Clicks:2080  

--- Nearly 30 new models highlight the strength of flagship product line of attack

October 13, 2011, the Tenth China International Mobo will be opened in Chongqing, which is the first time after the country Ⅲ Mobo will. With last year's "country Ⅲ in command," "EFI is king," the main context of the difference is that in previous years, the big domestic and foreign brand highbrow row of cars, marking the motorcycle sport and motorcycle technology integration Street sports car, such as new Mobo will generally become the king of the curtain before the current focus. Everything seems to be in the declaration: China's motorcycle market has entered the high-end sports, innovation is king of the era.

However, that really so what? From the top of this Mobo will gather the biggest names in mountain, domestic major martial pomp behind the positive development of equipment, they can already smell the Chinese motorcycle market is extremely strong smell of gunpowder. In response to shrinking domestic market and trying to use "movement", "green", "technology" as the banner of world motor giant pressing harder and harder, China's largest motorcycle manufacturer Roger Dubuis Holdings Ltd to bring its many Haojue Suzuki products, including nearly 30 new models gorgeous debut, showed "Let the world a better place," the exhibition slogan, the banner of innovation and high-profile debut.

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